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We enhance cooperation by connecting
like-minded organizations and people

We act as a focal point and service provider to connect and coordinate civil society initiatives, gather and analyse campaign intelligence, and activate European citizens to act.

Our pillars

Our coordination work – to increase capacity, resources, and collaboration among civil society organisations.
Digital intelligence work – to provide monitoring and analysis to civil society actors in order to enable a real-time response to disinformation and hate speech.
The campaign creation pillar- to enable our network to be louder together and to develop campaign material and branding designed to address various demographics of citizens.
Our Pillars


Together with key partners, Das Progressive Zentrum and Citizens for Europe, we are developing the European Hub for Civic Engagement, an online environment which will be able to address a wide range of civil society needs, from content and knowledge sharing to access to funding, to “incubating”, capacity building, and partner matching for new ideas and projects, sharing of civic tech tools, and coordination on advocacy and public campaigning. Online coordination via the platform will be matched with human engagement and active coordination, creating essential long term added value for an ever expanding network, pushing to open up civil society space.



Working together with specialised analysts, we are working to build up the capacity of the Social Media Intelligence Unit (SMIU) to collect and analyse data across Europe. The platform will provide regular briefings to civil society users, tracking disinformation and hate-speech, aiming to develop a predictive model of its spread, and enabling users to set a positive narrative in advance. Individual users and campaigners will also be able to use the data to be able to improve their own social media effectiveness and reach and use the system in their day to day work.



We aim to work with communicators, creators and influencers across Europe to develop campaign content, brands, and storytelling tools to activate citizens, to be shared across our networks. We strive to connect the arts, media and culture, online influencers, social enterprise, and public figures to expand our reach and connect a wide range of social actors.



We work to foster civic participation and to protect promote democracy and its fundamental values.


Our societies must be open and inclusive where diversity is celebrated with equality of access and opportunities for all.

Rule of law

All individuals are equal before the law, with due process and the independence of the judiciary.


Government of citizens, by citizens for citizens, with everyone enabled and empowered to participate.


Citizens’ rights to expression, creation, and association to fulfill their personal and common potential.

Human Dignity

Upholding unconditional and indivisible respect for fundamental human rights.

United Europe

United in diversity, solidarity and peace to overcome any challenge that stand in our present and future.


Omri Preiss

Managing Director

EU affairs and civil society professional, having worked in the European Parliament, and for human rights and sustainability NGOs on campaigning and advocacy.

Scott Young

Head of Innovation

Experienced digital strategist, advocacy expert, and research professional, with diverse global experience in public policy, citizenship and inclusion.

Maia Mazurkiewicz

Head of Intelligence

Political management consultant, founder of the European Front Polish NGO network, former chancellor to the Polish President with a background as a lawyer.

Benjamin Zeeb

Head of Partnerships

Historian, journalist and author on European affairs and international relations, founder of the think-tank Project for Democratic Union.

Carola Hesse

Head of Fundraising

A certified EU fundraiser, programme manager, and film-maker, with wide ranging experience in culture and arts projects as well as projects on social inclusion and citizenship.

Soundous Boualam

Head of Communications

Communications and EU enthusiast, with experience working as an advisor at the European Parliament, founding the visual storytelling project Humans of the EU and with diverse experiences in writing and creation.


The Alliance4Europe shareholders and board members were brought together from a wide range of organizations and institutions. Our supervisory board and group of shareholders consist of prominent European advocates of change and civil society actors.

Christopher Clark

Prominent historian, author, and Regius Professor of History at the University of Cambridge.

Agnieszka Holland

Polish film and television director and screenwriter.

Peter Willisch

Former director of several investment firms, organizer for Pulse of Europe, and co-founder of Alliance4Europe.

Sonja Stuchtey

Serial entrepreneur, strategy consultant, and senior advisor to tech start-ups.

Michael Schaefer

Former German Ambassador and Director of the BMW Foundation.

AC Grayling

Philosopher and author who writes and speaks extensively on Europe, democracy and citizen participation. He is founder and master of the New College for the Humanities in London.