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A4E was created to safeguard a pro-European majority in the EU Parliament.

What We Do?

Almost 60% of Europeans did not vote in the last EU election in 2014, hence we decided to act and ensure at least a 50% participation rate in May 2019. To achieve our goal, we focus on: mobilizing citizens, empowering organizations and analyzing data.


We work to mobilize inactive European voters, who are not addressed by traditional campaigns. In Europe there is a fatigue towards politics, but data indicated our target audience values friendship. We will capitalize on this sentiment to reach the non-voters via:

  • On & offline campaigns
  • Voting prompts


Pro-European initiatives are reaching out to citizens by promoting the benefits and advantages of a united Europe. We support their activity and strengthen their voices by:

  • Pan-European campaigns
  • Content production & provision
  • Co-organizing events
  • Sharing best practices


Our strategic approach is based on continuous data analysis. These insights allow us to effectively address our target audience, increase our reach and measure our impact.

We also collect data to tackle the threat of deceptive media. We created the Social Media Intelligence Unit to monitor questionable online news sources, and prepare counter-narratives to prevent disinformation from becoming viral.

Join the EU Wiki

The EU Wiki is a tool we created to respond to the desire of many different European organizations, and civil society actors to coordinate their actions and strengthen their voice for a pro-European future. In the context of the upcoming EU Elections and beyond, by joining the EU Wiki, you have the opportunity to share and access:

Campaign Material, Best Practices, Polling Results, and Social Media Intelligence.

Email us to Join the EU Wiki today!

Become an Affiliate

Our goal is to create a wide network of affiliated organizations that support European values. Several initiatives already joined, and consistent with our mission, we support their activities and campaigns to strengthen their voice and impact. We hope to welcome you soon in our group of affiliates!

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If you are interested in our work, want to join the EU Wiki or wish to become an affiliate, just send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can!