We convene allies to foster greater impact for a democratic citizen-driven Europe. Together with key partners Das Progressive Zentrum and Citizens for Europe, we are developing the European Hub for Civic Engagement, an online civic tech platform for content and knowledge sharing, access to funding, incubating new ideas, and coordination on advocacy and campaigning. Online work meets human engagement and community building, creating essential long term greater impact for an ever expanding network, pushing to open up civil society space.

The Hub is currently being developed with civil society participants from across Europe. To join the iniatiative, please get in touch with us.
We also work with partners to coordinate civil society initiatives like the Europe We Want and Citizens Take Over Europe and more.


Our coordination work aims to increase capacity, resources and collaboration among civil society organisations, leading to greater sharing of information, tools, and content, in order to open up civil society space. We have drawn lessons from our experience in the European elections, and we are now developing the online platform which we aim to build on going forward.

  • Actively continue to expand A4E’s networks;
  • Share resources in order to generate added value, and expand the network further.
  • Establish A4E as a service provider facilitating coordinated action on public campaigns;
  • Lead engagement by actively working with partners on coordination.
  • Develop the Hub prototype with partners throughout 2020, and launch by 2021;
  • Integrate the SMIU services in the Hub;
  • Identify ways to share innovative civic tech systems to promote active citizenship.