Supervisory Board

The supervisory Board of the organization is comprised by high-profile individuals selected to monitor the financials and management of the organization.

The current members of the Supervisory board are:

Christopher Clark (UK)

Supervisory Board, Science

A historian focusing on New European History at St. Catherine’s College, in Cambridge. He authored best selling books like “The Sleepwalkers” and was knighted for his services to Anglo-German relations.

Agnieszka Holland (PL)

Supervisory Board, Arts

A film and television director and screenwriter, known for her political contributions to Polish cinema. In 2017 she received Alfred Bauer Prize (Silver Bear) for her film Spoor at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Peter Willisch (DE)

Supervisory Board, Founder

A lawyer and BAFIN-accredited fund manager with more than 20 years of executive experience. He is the co-founder of Alliance 4 Europe as well as the co-Founder of Pulse of Europe in Munich.

Ann Mettler (SW)

Supervisory Board, Politics

A political scientist heading the European Political Strategy Centre (EPSC) at the European Commission since 2014. She co-founded the Lisbon Council think-tank in 2003 and served as the ED for 11 years.

Irena Spazzapan (IT/SLO)

Supervisory Board, Business

An energy specialist, working at Systemiq on the transition away from fossil fuels. She served at Goldman Sachs for 12 years, where she worked in gas & power origination covering European utilities.

Michael Schaefer (DE)

Supervisory Board, Foundations

The Chairman of the BoD at BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt. Previously served as the German Ambassador to China 2007 – 2013, as Political Director 2002 -2007, and as Federal Envoy for SE Europe.

Charles-Édouard Bouée (FR)

Supervisory Board, Consulting

A Strategy and M&A expert, who serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Roland Berger. He was a member of the company's Global Executive Committee since 2010.

Management Team

To facilitate the operation of Alliance4Europe, an international team has been formed since December 2018.

The current members of the Management Team are:

Sonja Stuchtey (DE)

Managing Director

Serial Founder and Entrepreneur, Strategy consultant and Senior Advisor for tech start-ups.
BMW Foundation Responsible Leader.

Panagiota Kaltsa (GR)

Management Team Member

A Non-Profit Management expert with Finance and Communication background. Citizen participation and environment consultant.

Maia Mazurkiewicz (PL)

Management Team Member

A Political Management consultant, leading the 'European Front'. Former Chancellery to the Polish President. BMW Foundation Responsible Leader.

Benjamin Zeeb (DE)

Management Team Member

A Historian, Journalist, and Author on European Affairs. He is the founder & CEO of the 'Project for a Democratic Union'.

Ellen Blessing (DE)

Management Team Member

A Public Relations and Communications expert with 25 years of experience in the corporate world as well as foundations.
David Zühlke

David Zühlke (DE)

Management Team Member

A European Studies student, who is actively managing the social Social Media pages for Handelsblatt, Stand up for Europe, Volt and others.

Naoko Brückner (DE)

Management Team Member

A Marketing and Communication specialist with experience in Fashion and Lifestyle Business sectors. She is a dedicated European.

Advisory Board

To support the work of the Management board and inform the decision making of the Supervisory board, an Advisory board has also been established aiming to capture a wide expertise and knowledge on Europe and its ideas.

The current members of the Advisory board are:

Ricardo Baptista Leite (PT)

Advisory Board, Medicine & Politics

An Elected Member of Parliament and the Cascais City Council in Portugal. Previously served as Head of Public Health at the Catholic University of Portugal and a medical consultant.

Ulrich Wickert (DE)

Advisory Board, Journalism

A well-known German broadcaster, who found 'Journalists for Public Broadcasting'. He was elevated to the French Légion d'honneur for his service to French-German relations.

Rosen Plevneliev (BG)

Advisory Board, Politics

The 4th President of Bulgaria from 1/2012 to 1/2017. Previously he served as Minister of Regional Development and Public Works from 2009 to 2011.

Founding Members

The founding Shareholders constitute a pan-European group from various civil-society movements and professional backgrounds. Namely those are:

Prof. Alberto Alemanno (IT)
Heiko Bonn (DE)
Emmanuelle Cadenot (FR)
Giorgio Clarotti (IT)
Dr. Pietro de Matteis (IT)
Dr. Mike Galsworthy (UK)
Alex Gunter (UK/PL)
Monika Hermann (DE)
Cristina Hernandez Montanari (ES)
Dominik Hesse (DE)
Yannis Karamitsios (GR)
Desislava Karapchanska (GR/RO)
Christophe Leclercq (FR)

Maia Mazurkiewicz (PL)
Katharina Moser (AT)
Omri Preiss (BE/PL)
Dr. Daniel Röder (DE)
Dr. Franscesco Saija (IT)
Dr. Michael Schaefer (DE)
Dr. Mayte Schomburg (DE)
Dr. Christian Simanek (DE )
Joachim Sina (DE)
Sonja Stuchtey (DE)
Peter Willisch (DE)
Benjamin Zeeb (DE)
Thomas Zschocke (DE)

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