Supervisory Board

The supervisory Board of the organization is comprised by high-profile individuals selected to monitor the financials and management of the organization.

The current members of the Supervisory board are:

Management Team

To facilitate the operation of Alliance4Europe, an international team has been formed since December 2018.

The current members of the Management Team are:

Advisory Board

To support the work of the Management board and inform the decision making of the Supervisory board, an Advisory board has also been established aiming to capture a wide expertise and knowledge on Europe and its ideas.

The current members of the Advisory board are:

Founding Members

The founding Shareholders constitute a pan-European group from various civil-society movements and professional backgrounds. Namely those are:

Prof. Alberto Alemanno (IT)
Heiko Bonn (DE)
Emmanuelle Cadenot (FR)
Giorgio Clarotti (IT)
Dr. Pietro de Matteis (IT)
Dr. Mike Galsworthy (UK)
Alex Gunter (UK/PL)
Monika Hermann (DE)
Cristina Hernandez Montanari (ES)
Dominik Hesse (DE)
Yannis Karamitsios (GR)
Desislava Karapchanska (GR/RO)
Christophe Leclercq (FR)

Maia Mazurkiewicz (PL)
Katharina Moser (AT)
Omri Preiss (BE/PL)
Dr. Daniel Röder (DE)
Dr. Franscesco Saija (IT)
Dr. Michael Schaefer (DE)
Dr. Mayte Schomburg (DE)
Dr. Christian Simanek (DE )
Joachim Sina (DE)
Sonja Stuchtey (DE)
Peter Willisch (DE)
Benjamin Zeeb (DE)
Thomas Zschocke (DE)

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