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The Social Media Intelligence Unit (SMIU) collects and analyses social media data from across Europe. The platform enables tracking disinformation and hate-speech, aiming to develop a predictive model of its spread. Individual users and campaigners are able to use the data to be able to improve their own social media effectiveness and reach and use the system in their day to day work. The SMIU also offer an education and training platform on media and digital literacy through life long learning in formal and informal settings. The only way to a resilient democracy is through long term investment in a more ethical cyberspace.

A4E connects a range of actors into the co-created and inter-linked network for comprehensive action on disinformation. These include civil society, academia, governments, international organizations and the private sector. We work to tackle disinformation holistically and decisively. This network brings together different approaches to disinformation and hate speech, from fact-checking to keyboard warriors, elves, positive messaging, to advocacy, through to education, life-long learning and awareness raising on media literacy and digital citizenship.


Digital intelligence work aims to provide monitoring and analysis to civil society actors in order to enable a real-time response to disinformation and help combat disinformation and hate speech with positive narratives based evidence-based information. To do this we have developed the Social Media Intelligence Unit, an online platform that monitors social media activity, including disinformation and hate speech online providing analysis and recommendation for real-time response. We enable democratic actors to be louder online to set a positive narrative countering disinformation. We are also building a network of actors working on disinformation among civil society, academia, think tanks, public and private sector actors to build up a large scale comprehensive holistic response to the issue.

  • Coordinate a wide field of actors working on disinformation with the aim to build a Europe-wide social media intelligence-gathering model, applying approaches used by intelligence services.
  • Enhance its data gathering and analytical capacities, (i.e. build up monitoring dash-board of key actors per country).
  • Develop a communications tool-kit for society groups on how to counter disinformation and hate-speech online based on the various works within the network.
  • Provide real-time analysis of the effectiveness and performance of specific communication elements and campaign content.