What We Do?

Mobilize European Non-Voters

  • Citizen Enabling
  • Awareness Raising
  • Encourage Action
  • Tailored Content
  • Campaign Launching

Empower Pro-European Initiatives

  • Provide Tools
  • Promote Collaboration
  • International Alliances
  • Share Best-Practices

Provide Intelligence on European Trends

  • Monitor News Online
  • Identify Narratives
  • Counter-narrative Design
  • Country Report

The European Anthem of Friendship

Friends Will Be Friends

To urge non-voters to participate in the European Parliamen Election in 2019, Alliance4Europe re-produced the famous QUEEN song “Friends will Be Friends” by 30 artists representing each EU country.

The music video reached thousands of Europeans and also played on the big screen in Brussels during the elections. The song will continue to instill solidarity across Europe!

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