About us



Build a Europe for and by Citizens.



Represent an agile network of civil society groups and citizens in Europe, that care to safeguard the European Union and its Values.

We are an international group of Europeans, who work to encourage citizen participation

In doing so, we aim to secure a solid majority in Parliament that remains committed to democratic and European values. We act by supporting pro-European groups and organisations. We coordinate Europe-wide campaigns, facilitate the exchange of best practices, and promote pro-EU narratives using our extensive combined online reach.

Alliance4Europe does not seek to replicate civil society activities, nor to compete for publicity or resources. On the contrary, the objective is to provide support to existing initiatives and establish new collaborations that facilitate impact.

Alliance4Europe is a non-profit organisation (gGmbH), and has no political affiliations.


Omri Preiss

EU affairs and civil society professional, having worked in the European Parliament, and for human rights and sustainability NGOs on campaigning and advocacy.

Panagiota Kaltsa

Non-profit management expert, with a background in finance and communications. A citizen engagement and environment consultant.

Benjamin Zeeb

Historian, journalist and author on EU affairs, founder of the Project for Democratic Union.

David Zühlke

Social media manager for a wide range of pages and profiles of pro-European groups and causes.

Maia Mazukiewicz

Political management consultant, founder of the European Front Polish NGO network, former chancellor to the Polish President.