In a nutshell, we have been working around the clock to ensure the participation of 3million non-voters in the upcoming EU election. Despite all the Brexit drama, we managed to stay focused and develop 3 main tools:

1.The #Vote4Friendship campaign

Three million European non-voters have alienated themselves from the EU due to its distant nature. To revive their interest in the European ideal once more, we introduced a narrative they can identify with: friendship across borders. The #vote4friendship campaign material is designed to easily integrate with initiatives led by other organizations, to be adapted in other languages, and to be interpreted by youth via social media.

Influencers, affiliates, shareholders and our target group are invited to take part in the campaign and express their solidarity by wearing the campaign wristband, sharing the #vote4friendship visuals, and visit the campaign page.

To complement the existing outreach tools, we are making a brand new recording of the famous Queen song “Friends will be Friends” performed by 28 European artists. We want this song to become the modern European anthem. Our goal is to fundraise 60,000EUR to cover the production cost of the song and a music video that will be spread widely in view of the May elections. If you want to support the making of this song, please donate!

2. The EU WIKI 

A content sharing platform for civil society partners to synchronize their campaigning ahead of the EU Elections 2019. The platform enables our affiliates to optimize their activities via free access to campaign tools, content, and material shared by like-minded initiatives. In this collaborative tool, all users are encouraged to upload relevant material and help their peers to extend their message and amplify their reach.

Already over 75 organization are registered users and benefit from the work of each other. A shared publication calendar helps to synchronize the dissemination of content on various topics to maximize their communication impact. For more information, and to request to join the Wiki, please get in touch and send an email to with a brief outline of your activities and your plans ahead and/or after of the elections.

3.The Social Media Intelligence Unit

Fake news is a known problem in the era of digital information. However, in view of the EU Elections, it is a threat to democracy. We believe that a coordinated, top-down response to tackle sponsored misinformation campaigns, can provide the best chance to mobilize EU voters and secure the integrity of the European project.
The Social Media Intelligence Unit was established to identify malicious sources, risks, and disinformation initiatives,  whilst pointing out narratives and intervention opportunities – from activist to policy level. Transparency is the most important value in our work, and we want to ensure access to free and true information for all Europeans. To find out more, please contact us at


Our team is restlessly representing our mission and vision in targeted events. These are some events we either organized or were represented since January 2019:

  • January 19th: UEF training of candidates and campaigners
  • January 31st: Alliance Europa Brussels Conference: “Facing euroscepticism: road to EP elections”
  • February 4th: Alliance Europa Brussels Conference: “The future of employment in the era of automation and digitation”
  • February 18th: Alliance Europa Brussels: European Get Together
  • March 6th: Demonstration in Brussels: The Tide Has Turned A Day Of Celebration Remainers Speak
  • March 19th: Alliance Europa Brussels Debate: “EU immigration policy: which reform after Dublin?”
  • March 21st: Stop Brexit / Vote For Europe (Organised by Pro Europa, Brussels)
    March 22nd: #WeEuropeans Congress (Organised by CIVICO/, Brussels)
  • March 24th: March for Europe (Brussels)
  • March 29th: #FridaysForFuture Climate March (Berlin)
  • April 1st: Launch of En Marche Bxl-EU campaign for #EP2019 (great event for synergies for our #V4F campaign, said Giorgio)



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